The 'Voice from the Past' Trilogy

'Voice from the Past' Trilogy, by Heather MacQuarrieHeather's first three books make up a trilogy full of family drama, romance and mystery. Set in Northern Ireland, England and Portugal, the saga follows the lives of people introduced in the first book but adds new characters as the story unfolds so that scenarios and relationships are seen from a different perspective. Each book can be read as a standalone novel but reading all three in the correct sequence is recommended in order to fully egage with the characters and appreciate the complexity of the plot.

The books have been very well received, as is evidenced by these genuine quotes from readers:

  • Wow! Brilliant!
  • totally compelling
  • perfect to take on holiday
  • fantastic book
  • stacked like a line of dominoes
  • an intelligent read
  • beautifully written
  • very accomplished
  • kept me guessing right up until the end
  • full of twists and turns, some you would never have expected
  • an excellent job in building suspense
  • very emotional
  • gripped and enthralled with every page
  • absolutely overwhelmed to discover that ...
  • you have given me back my thirst for reading

And Heather's favourite:

  • Reading your first novel was like being taken on a train ride, travelling through the characters' lives and misfortunes, their twists and turns, challenges and decisions, and paradoxically longing for the destination of the denouement yet wishing to stay on the jaunt for as long as possible! Thoroughly enjoyable and unputdownable. 

This was followed by a second message when the same reader had read the other two books:

  • I just loved the continuity.

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