A Voice from the Past

When seventeen year-old Susan Summers meets a handsome stranger on the beach, she knows instinctively that he will be the love of her life.  The young, entrepreneurial PR executive soon becomes her steady boyfriend and ultimately her lover.

A Voice from the Past by Heather MacQuarrieA chance encounter in a supermarket brings students Charlotte Jamison and Neal Ashby together.  Charlotte is intelligent and pretty but somewhat inexperienced in the ways of the world.  Neal is a thoroughly modern, sophisticated and suave 21st century guy.  Very handsome and athletic, he enjoys physical activity like jogging and tennis as well as being an ardent and sensual lover.  Charlotte soon falls under his spell.

So why are both relationships doomed?  Who holds the key that can unlock a secret from the past which affects all their lives?  Should that secret actually be unlocked at all or would it be better for all concerned if it were to remain hidden for ever?

A Voice From The Past is a story of family relationships, love and betrayal, lies and deceptions, secrets and misunderstandings.  Full of mystery and intrigue, the plot takes us from a picturesque seaside location in the north of Ireland to English suburbia and beyond.  With some surprising twists and turns, it follows the lives of Susan and Jonathan, Charlotte and Neal through several years, during which they all experience the full gamut of emotions from intense happiness to utter heartbreak and despair.  Somehow Susan manages to move on and make a new life for herself without Jonathan but Charlotte and Neal are finding it harder to let go.  The problems, however, prove insurmountable and sadly they too go their separate ways.

Several other strong characters impinge significantly on the main plot – Christopher, Derrick, Richard and Aidan as supporting males, Helen, Stephanie, Melanie and Alannah on the female side – but ultimately this is a simple love story.  Neal loves Charlotte and Charlotte loves Neal.  Why then does their relationship not work?  Is there any conceivable chance of a happy outcome for either of them?

Then one day Susan bumps into Neal at a busy airport and the truth begins to unfold, making sense at last of the scenario depicted in the prologue.

A Voice from the Past is available now direct from the Matador bookshop at Troubador.co.uk in both paperback and ebook format and also from Amazon Kindle and most other ebook suppliers. The paperback can be ordered through any UK bookshop (ISBN9781783060047)and from Amazon.co.uk. Copies are also on sale in Waterstones bookstore in Fountain Street, Belfast and in No Alibis Bookshop in Botanic Avenue, Belfast. Amazon orders can be processed direct from this website - see bookstore.

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