Double Cheque

    In her typical style, 'Double Cheque' by Heather MacQuarrie' is full of drama and surprises. It is centred around Jasmine Campbell, a Belfast girl in her twenties, who sets out to make sense of the information gleaned from an overheard phone call which has shocked and intrigued her in equal measure; but how could she know that her actions might be putting someone's life in jeopardy?

    Have you read the 2016 novel, 'Broken Cups' by Heather MacQuarrie?

    Have you been wondering what was in that letter that Grant Cartwright burnt in the barbecue?

    Well, you can find out NOW! The sequel, 'Double Cheque' has also been released.

    If you prefer a paperback, 'Double Cheque' by Heather MacQuarrie is available from the Matador Bookshop, Amazon and other good bookstores.

    If you prefer to read electronically, it is available from most eBook suppliers, including the Amazon Kindle Bookstore.

    Read 'Double Cheque' now. Catch up with Imogen and Grant, Maggie and other characters from 'Broken Cups'. Meet Jasmine and Patricia. Lose yourself in the adventure that unfolds ...

    A murder mystery with a difference.

    "all the elements of a really exciting soap opera"