In the Greater Scheme of Things

When Francine Martin applies for the position of nanny with the popular Leclerc family, she is looking for much more than a new job. She wants a whole new life. But what is she running from? Why is she so determined to cut all ties with the people she once loved so dearly? Is Francine even her real name? Caught off guard one day, not realising that she is in the company of her employers' family and friends, she reveals that she is actually called Frankie.

Evie O'Sullivan is trying to rebuild her life following the breakdown of her ten-year marriage to Liam. Desperately lonely, she too finds solace in the workplace and tries to remain positive for the sake of her young daughter.

In the Greater Scheme of Things introduces new characters, new situations and new locations but ultimately it brings us back to some unresolved issues from Heather's debut novel, A Voice from the Past. Frankie's resolve to 'disappear' begins to waver when she receives a letter from Charlotte Jamison ...


ISBN 9781783063963  This exciting spin off / sequel to A Voice from the Past is NOW AVAILABLE in paperback from the publisher, Troubador Publishing Ltd and from Amazon. Copies are also on sale in Waterstones Bookstore in Fountain Street, Belfast and in No Alibis Bookshop in Botanic Avenue, Belfast. An ebook version is also available from a wide variety of ebook suppliers, including Amazon Kindle.

Both books can also be ordered from any good bookstore in the UK.

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