The solution explained! The answer to my recent brainteaser is 2659. Read on to find out how this total was calculated. Sorry, there were no winners!

Posted: 2/12/2013

The maths puzzle posted on 16th November has drawn a blank with regard to correct answers! It was based on Roman numerals, hence the reference to ROMAN times and the rhyme about their use on some watches and clocks. All you had to do was pick out all the letters which could be converted into Roman numerals and add them together.

Look at the first example:


V=5; I=1; C=100; M=1000;  Add them up and you get 1106

Look at the second example:


I=1; C=100; M=1000; I=1; That totals 1102

CHARLOTTE is worth 150 points because it has a letter C and a letter L.

NEAL is worth 50 points because it has a letter L.

The original puzzle was worth 2659 points made up of the Roman numerals within A ROMANTIC NOVEL WITH AN AURA OF MYSTERY AND INTRIGUE.

I still have those five books so I might post a second chance puzzle soon, now that you can see how it works!!

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