A new year, a new book!

Posted: 17/2/2014

What a wet and miserable start to 2014! Can I suggest that you just batten down the hatches, get the heating on and snuggle down with a good book?

'A Voice from the Past' will transport you back to those glorious days of summer.

 I am still trying to dispel the myth that it is a paranormal novel!! The 'past' in the title simply refers to one of the characters in middle-age remembering an acquaintance from her youth! It is a contemporary love story with an aura of mystery and has been descibed by readers as 'intriguing', 'fantastic', 'racy but not vulgar'.

I have recently approved the cover for the forthcoming sequel with my publisher, Matador. It is called 'In the Greater Scheme of Things' and will be officially published in late June, just in time for packing in your suitcase as you head off on holiday or for reading in the sunshine in your own garden if the summer lives up to 2013 standards!

I am currently writing the third and final part of the trilogy.

By the way, no-one ever did send me the right answer to my competition. I will leave it open in case anyone wants to give it a go and will reserve one signed copy of the whole trilogy (when eventually published) for the first correct answer. By that time I might be famous!!!! Well, you never know.

Anyone who was ever in one of my classes will know that I don't like to make things too easy! To my mind, there is too much 'follow to win', 'share to win', retweet to win', 'choose the only plausible answer from a multiple-choice selection to win', etc in today's world. If something's worth having. it should be worth a bit of effort!


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