Blood is Thicker

Posted: 25/10/2014

Blood is Thicker is the culmination of the story which began with the thwarted love affair between Susan Summers and Jonathan Ashby back in 1988. Once again it is set partly in England and partly in Northern Ireland with some scenes also set in Portugal. I have to say I feel a bit sad about ending the trilogy as my characters have become very real to me over the course of the three books!

Please do feel welcome to contact me if you have read the first two books; I love to get some feedback and engage with readers. Two readers recently summed up my books in two words each - "WOW!! BRILLIANT" and "totally compelling". Obviously I was over the moon to receive messages like that, especially since both were from people I have never met! Whether you agree with them or not, I would love to hear your comments. You can contact me anytime on Facebook or Twitter.

In between writing and editing my own work I continue to be an avid reader myself. I have recently read novels by Adele Parks, Holly Martin, Carole Matthews, Katie Fforde, Emily Barr, Lisa Jewell. Talli Roland, Becky Monson, Hilary Boyd, Susan Buchanan, Tara Ford, Terry Tyler, Alex Johnson, Linda MacDonald, Julie Houston, Susan Lewis, Samantha Tonge and Jill Mansell. I enjoyed them all! Just last week I got to meet Jill Mansell and Katie Fforde while they were speaking at an event in Belfast. It was a very entertaining evening and they were both very friendly and down to earth. It was lovely to get chatting to them both. And great to see people of that calibre coming to see us here in Belfast, especially when they raved about the friendliness of the city and the luxurious standard of their accommodation! Welcome back any time!



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