'Self-publishing' with a 'Publisher'!

Posted: 16/12/2014

People must get a little bit confused when I proudly describe myself as a self-published author and then talk about my publisher. This surely appears to be a contradiction in terms. So let me explain.

My publisher is Troubador Publishing Ltd but I work with their self-publishing wing, Matador. The result is that my books are professionally produced to the highest possible standards in both paperback and ebook formats, while I remain free to make all the major decisions myself.

I choose the layout of the page, the type and size of fonts used, the width of the margins and even the blurb and cover design. No-one changes my words - they appear exactly as I have written them - or my choice of punctuation. If I prefer to ignore the modern trend for single speech marks in narrative passages, for example, then that's what I do. I prefer double; simple as that. And I work to my own timescale. I write contemporary fiction so the sooner it is out there, the better. Why would I want to trawl around traditional publishing houses looking for some-one to accept my work until the book I have written is very possibly out of date?

But I am by no means working in a vacuum; my publisher offers a wide range of services which I can buy into if I want to. So the whole package really does combine the best of both worlds. For someone like me, who has always had a strong independent streak (ask anyone who has worked with me during my 38 years in teaching), it is perfect!

The downside is that I have to be prepared to spend a bit of money which I may or may not recoup!

O, and any typos or other mistakes are down to me - I have no-one else to blame!

Self-publishing - I love it... no hassle, no deadlines, no rules - that's my motto.

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