The beginning of a new adventure

Posted: 19/5/2016

    So, the sun has gone down on the 'Voice from the Past' trilogy with 'Blood is Thicker' finally bringing this romantic family saga to its emotional conclusion. It was hard to say goodbye to the characters I had created, but after an extended break to recharge my batteries and to enjoy some quality time with my own family, the words have once again begun to flow.

    My new book, 'Broken Cups', is the start of a new adventure featuring new characters, new relationships and new dilemmas, though discerning readers will notice that I have included a tenuous link to the last three books. 'Broken Cups' is due for publication this autumn.

    In the meantime I would like to clarify that all of my books are available in both paperback and ebook format and can be ordered online or from any good bookshop. Please contact me personally (Facebook, email or Twitter) if you have any trouble obtaining a copy. Happy reading and watch this space!

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