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Have I mentioned lately ...

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Have I mentioned lately that I write books? Well, I got this lovely mug for Christmas and I have a fifth manuscript ready for publication, so I thought the time was right to give it a mention! Read the full article for more details and Happy New Year.

'Broken Cups' is OUT NOW

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My fourth novel, 'Broken Cups' is now available in both paperback and ebook format. Read the full article for more information.

The beginning of a new adventure

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So, the sun has finally gone down on the 'Voice from the Past' trilogy and a new saga is about to begin. My new book, 'Broken Cups' is due for publication this autumn.

Exploring Oxford

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Being a massive fan of the television series Morse and Lewis, based on the novels by Colin Dexter, I set off recently to explore the city where the dramas are set.

Browsing in Waterstones

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Whilst I still read a lot of ebooks on my Kindle, I definitely prefer the printed version and love browsing in bookshops. I get a great feeling of elation when I spot one of my own titles on the shelves!! Thank you Waterstones Belfast for your continued support.

The downside of self-publishing ...

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I love having the control over my writing that self-publishing gives me. But there is a downside ... 

A Woman's Wisdom

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I want to thank Ali, also known (on Twitter) as Bodicia, for the wonderful support she has recently given me in helping to publicise my books. Read on to find out more.

Another poem by yours truly ...

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My life has changed a lot since I retired from my job as a teacher. Whilst I did acquire some skills in aspects of business and marketing, especially during the last three years of my career when I acted up as principal of the school, I have found that I needed to further develop these skills in order to promote my chosen new activity of writing and publishing. My inspiration for writing this poem has come from my involvement with a Twitter network which has gained me scores of friends and has turned the whole process into a fun activity.

I've written a poem!

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Yes, I know I'm a novelist and not a poet, but I was inspired to write this short poem when I discovered that one of my books is currently listed in the Northern Ireland Libraries catalogue. It started me thinking about the old days when a visit to the library was one of my very favourite activities. Read on to access my poem. I hope you enjoy it.

'Self-publishing' with a 'Publisher'!

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People must get a little bit confused when I proudly describe myself as a self-published author and then talk about my publisher. This surely appears to be a contradiction in terms. So let me explain...

In praise of bloggers...or not?

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I hate the word 'blog'. What does it even mean? Read on for my interpretation.

Blood is Thicker

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The 'Voice from the Past' trilogy will soon be complete with the publication of my third novel, Blood is Thicker. Read on for more information about my recent reading and writing activities...


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Just want to say a big thank you to all who have helped me get the word out about my books. Read the full article for details.

No Alibis

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You can now buy a copy of both my novels straight from the shelves at NO ALIBIS BOOKSTORE in Botanic Avenue Belfast.  This lovely, traditional, independent bookshop in the heart of the university area has been aptly described as 'a gem amongst gems' and I very much appreciate the support of the owner, David Torrans.  Thank you!

Radio Interview with Siobhan McGarry on Downtown Radio's Big Sunday Show

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Many thanks to Siobhan McGarry for inviting me to talk about my books on her Big Sunday Show on Downtown Radio at the weekend. If you visit my Facebook page you can see a photograph of the occasion and you can also access a link to a rerun of the show if you missed it.

Please note also;

*ebook is now available from most ebook suppliers including Kindle

*paperback will soon be on the shelves in Waterstones (Belfast Branch)

Out now! In The Greater Scheme Of Things

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I can hardly believe it. I am now the published author of two novels! ...and half-way through the writing the third!! Loving my hobby - it can be quite addictive but in a good way.

In the Greater Scheme of Things is out now. You can buy it direct from the publisher, Matador at Troubador Publishing Ltd or from Alternatively you can ask for it at any UK bookstore and they will order it for you. The ebook is also coming very soon. Happy reading! All feedback very welcome.

A new year, a new book!

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My new novel, In the Greater Scheme of Things, a sequel to A Voice from the Past, is due for publication by Matador Books on 28th June.  Read the full article for more information about this and for an update on my previous posts.

Last chance! You still have time to solve my Maths puzzle and win a prize.

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To be in with a chance of winning a copy of A VOICE FROM THE PAST just add up all the ROMAN NUMERALS used in this statement about the book:


Five winners will be chosen at random from all correct answers received on or before 15th December. Just click on the 'Contact' link above to email me your answer.

Good luck. 

By the way, the book has got nothing to do with the Romans!! This is just a bit of fun because I love completing and compiling puzzles and brainteasers. It is a contemporary story. Nor is it written in rhyme!!!

 ps If you found this by way of twitter or facebook, I would really appreciate any follows, retweets, likes etc. Thanks!

Second Chance to Win!! To celebrate the fact that production has just started on my second novel, I am now offering a second chance to win my first.

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If you scroll down through previous news items, you will see how the answer to my last puzzle, 2659, was derived. Very obscure, I know!!! But it's easy this time because you just follow exactly the same instructions so read on and have a go at my new brainteaser. You could win a copy of 'A Voice from the Past'. Five entrants will be chosen at random from all correct answers received on or before 15th December.

The solution explained! The answer to my recent brainteaser is 2659. Read on to find out how this total was calculated. Sorry, there were no winners!

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The maths puzzle posted on 16th November has drawn a blank with regard to correct answers! It was based on Roman numerals, hence the reference to ROMAN times and the rhyme about their use on some watches and clocks. All you had to do was pick out all the letters which could be converted into Roman numerals and add them together. Read the full article for a more detailed explanation.

Need a clue? You still have a full week to solve my puzzle and email me your answer.

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Have another look at the puzzle posted on 16th. These little rhymes might help you work it out. You could win a copy of my first novel, 'A Voice from the Past'. Give it to someone for Christmas if you already have it yourself.

Clue 1: They're sometimes used on watches and clocks - you have to think outside the box.

Clue 2: Since ROMAN times a logical mind is a sure-fire way an answer to find.

Clue 3: If indeed you're still confused, just ADD the NUMBERS that are used!

Got it? Sorry, I know it's obscure! Once a teacher, always a teacher, I suppose. I like to make people think!

Now here's an extra clue. The two main characters are Charlotte and Neal. Charlotte is worth 150 points and Neal 50.

Don't forget to email me your answer before next Saturday and please spread the word to all your friends so they can have a go too!

Competition time! Try this challenge for a chance to win a copy of 'A Voice from the Past'.

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As well as writing, a favourite hobby of mine is doing puzzles like Sudokus, Codewords and other brainteasers so I have devised this puzzle of my own and have five copies of my book to give away as prizes. The winners will be chosen at random from all correct answers received on or before 30th November. If you already have my book, use it as a Christmas present for a friend! Here is the puzzle:

If A VOICE FROM THE PAST is worth 1106 points and the equivalent score for the forthcoming sequel, IN THE GREATER SCHEME OF THINGS, is 1102, how many points should be awarded to 'A ROMANTIC NOVEL WITH AN AURA OF MYSTERY AND INTRIGUE'?

Email your answer to

Over 18s only.

Good luck!


Very happy with my first reviews!

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I was very excited when I checked my book's entry on Amazon recently and found that people I don't even know have rated it as a five star read! this is very encouraging.

My Experience of Self-Publishing by Heather MacQuarrie, author of A Voice from the Past

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During the past year I have finished writing my first novel, A Voice from the Past, and have had it published.  With the encouragement and support of family and friends I have enjoyed many new and exciting experiences in connection with this. I now have my own website and have learnt to use social media to communicate with people across the globe. I have to say that, taking everything into account, I am very glad I decided to go down the self-publishing route. It has been a good year.

A Voice from the Past released today and on sale in Waterstones bookstore in Belfast

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Publication day at last! A Voice from the Past is now on general release. You can buy a copy direct from Waterstones bookstore in Fountain Street, Belfast or order it from any other book shop in the UK or Ireland.  The book is also available by mail order from Amazon and from the Matador bookshop at Troubador.